08 February 2013

Harvey’s (Downtown)

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Located right next to Smoke’s Pourtinerie on Granville, Greeny and I also wanted to check this place out. The last time I saw Harvey’s was the little counter store at Home Depot. I’m not even sure if it is still there.

The Granville location is quite spacious with a light wooden tone for its interior. Interestingly, I found it to be a bit darker than other fast food chains. Apparently they just started operation back in the end of last November. No wonder it still looks quite new.

Smoke’s Poutinerie (Downtown)

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Located on the Entertainment District, Smoke’s Poutinerie is one of the newer stores that popped up over the last couple months. On the outside, it was a little hard to tell whether it’s open or not. When we looked closer, we saw someone working already and the sign indicated the opening time being 11 AM. Greeny and I decided to check this place out.

On the inside, everything seemed to be very new. The blackboard on the wall was completed blank – not sure whether they intend to write something or not. The menu was relatively easy to understand. They only sell one thing and one thing only – the poutine of course. The varieties range from traditional type to Philly Cheesesteak. Whichever you ordered, the base would always be French fries.

07 February 2013

Seasons in the Park (Vancouver)

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I’ve always heard about pleasant dining experience at Seasons in the Park but never really been there myself. This year, I was determined to pay a visit during Dine Out Vancouver. One good thing about it was that the lunch menu is exactly the same as dinner, but $10 cheaper. I would assume it comes in the form of portion differences.

 Located inside Queen Elizabeth Park, I would assume that is where it got the name from – Seasons in the Park. Even before I came, I’ve heard about the view that it has. And boy oh boy, it was quite a view. First we were lucky that the weather was pretty good. Then we were able to get a table facing the view. It would have been even better if it’s just right beside the window.

I also loved on the interior was very similar to the Teahouse. This was quite understandable, considered they belong to the same dining group. I could imagine how people could use this space as wedding reception venue. It’s especially fitting when the weather was clear. But I digress… let’s talk about food.

06 February 2013

West Restaurant (Vancouver)

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West Restaurant has been one of the spots we really wanted to visit over the many Dine Outs. This year, we booked very early and managed to get an early dinner reservation on a weekend day. When we arrived, they were just about to start the first dinner sitting. The restaurant entrance was quite small and we nearly passed by it. Inside, the interior has a nice warm wooden tone and high ceiling. It had a very inviting feeling.

Aside from the Dine Out menu, the regular menu is also available for order. For each of the entrée on Dine Out menu, people could also add on extra side if they wish.

05 February 2013

Street Food City II (Downtown)

Aside from the Dine Out menus at different participating restaurants, there are also different events happening concurrently. Out of all, I was most looking toward to the “Street Food City”. Despite the weather not cooperating well, it didn’t stop people from coming out to this event. 

Street Meet on Urbanspoon

By the time we got there, the crispy risotto balls were already sold out. I heard people asking about it and it seemed to be a very popular item. Hum… maybe next time!

Wild Mushroom Soup
 Despite not having a whole lot of look, this was a very delicious wild mushroom soup. It was thick and burst with the wild mushroom aroma. For people who loves mushroom, I’d highly recommend it. It was also the perfect match with the rainy, cold weather. Simply WOW!