01 May 2011

Kura Japanese (Burnaby)

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Behind the heavy wooden door
One day, I was craving for Japanese food so Lun suggested to visit Kura for dinner. It's a place that we sometimes visit when we're looking for quality sushi that's around the neighbourhood. Although it doesn't have a very fancy exterior, Kura has been around for many years already. That means they do have a good amount of customers to sustain their business.

I believe the heavy wooden door was being installed about a year or so ago. The interior was very done to earth; greyish colour wall decorated with Japanese style paintings. The sushi bar itself was decorated by fish inked pictures; that have shown how much the owner loves fishing. On the other hand, I was particularly interested in the sushi clock that they have.

Decisions… decisions…
On their menu, there were so many items that Lun and I were having hard time deciding what and how to order. When we finally made up our minds, we went with…

Spinach Gomaae ($3.75) - 5.5/6
This is a relatively simple dish even just to make at home. But it's really the dressing that would differentiate the good ones from the rest. This particular one had a very nicely balanced dressing - it's not overly rich or sour, still, it has the aroma of white sesame. I wonder if they actually made the dressing in-house; I would hope they do. It's a nicely executed dish - I like it.

Chef's Special Sashimi ($25.00) - 5/6
Usually, the Chef's special would come with daily fresh sashimi at the discretion of the chef. We made a special request to include uni sashimi in ours, and the chef mentioned this would then come with some other cheaper sashimi as uni itself was pricey. We didn't really mind about it as we wanted to have uni. As a result, it came with uni (5 pieces), salmon (2 pieces), tuna (2 pieces), amaebi (2 pieces), and hokkigai (2 pieces). They were all very fresh ingredients, particularly the uni as it didn't have the fishy taste.

The recommended way to eat the uni sashimi was to eat it with the nori seaweed and a bit of the shredded daikon turnip. It would present a taste of the ocean when combined them all together.

Yaki Udon ($7.95) - 5/6
This is a chicken yaki udon that came on a hot plate. The udon itself was firm but not hard - I like the chewiness of it. Aside from chicken, there were also quite a bit of mixed veggie and bonito flakes on top. It wasn't overly salty yet executed in a way that would be acceptable for most people.

Futomaki ($7.95) - 4/6
I remembered that I mentioned about how I love futomaki, yet it's a roll that a perfectly made one is hard to find. This particular one didn't really wow me that much. It's got most of the ingredients that were meant to be in a traditional futomaki, with one exception - the masago. Typically, the masago would be replaced by sakura denbu (mashed and seasoned fish powder); the taste would be different and it would also add to the presentation of this roll. Also, the sushi rice itself was a bit towards the soft side and a tad too moist. It would have been better if it's a bit drier.

Note: There should be 8 piece in a roll. I took the picture a tad too late after we digged in already.

Spicy Canucks Roll ($8.75) - 3/6
The sushi rice for this roll has similar problem with the futomaki. Plus, there was a bit too much spicy mayo on top. Combined with the avocado, it was a bit too rich to digest for me.

Maybe next time?!
I've been to Kura several times before I started to write this blog. My previous visits have been quite positive but the rolls that we ordered this time, they were a bit of a letdown. It's mainly because of the overly soft sushi rice that took away the delicate texture sushi would have. It was definitely a pity since the ingredients were all very fresh. Perhaps it was just one of those days when the rice cooker didn't work properly. I would still give it another shot by ordering the nigiri sushi, hoping the rice quality would be better.

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