01 August 2011

Beautiful Island (Burnaby)

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Knowing how large of a backlog I have, I've decided to quickly catch up by posting shorter posts. To some people, it may be good news! (heh) Not that I'm trying to slack off or anything. Yet I also realized if I don't do so, I'll never be able to catch up... Still, I hope you would enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy posting them. =)

Adding drink to the daily special for $0.50
Sometimes, Greeny and I like to go to places where they offer free or cheap drinks along with their combo options. It's nice to have something to drink along with the meal, without having to pay too much for it.
Beautiful Island was actually a rebranding of a Taiwanese restaurant by the same owner. With its renovated interior and name change, it's trying to create a different dining atmosphere. I think it was recently that it started to provide the daily special with drink for an additional $0.50 option. And that's how it got our attention again. The daily special features two combo items - it could be rice or noodle, and, for the most part, it changes daily.
Inside, there is a fresh grass green wall with the dark wooden flooring and wooden framed counter as compliment. The blackboard on the other end of the restaurant featured their slogan - "Fresh ingredients, quality guaranteed. A taste of culture to satisfy your needs." Was the statement true? I guess we would soon find out.
It's all about the daily specials… for the most part
Since we were there for the $0.50 drink, it's just natural that we would order the daily special so long as it's something we would eat.

Braised Pork with Preserved Pickle combo ($7.99 w/ drink) - 3.5/6
The braised pork was flavourful without being too dry; however, there's not much of a fragrant coming from the preserved pickle. It tasted more like pork braised with soy sauce; the upside was that it wasn't overly salty. I would say this dish was fair.

Salty Pepper Deep Fried Chicken combo  - 4/6
The portion was decent and it did come with quite some deep fried basils, which was nice. There was a nice balance between the salt and pepper, and there's a good crispiness of the chicken.

Sweet & Sour Fish combo ($7.99 w/ drink) - 4/6
 Aside from the deep fried fish pieces, there were quite a bit of red and green pepper, and also pineapples. There was quite a bit of sauce in this dish and it was indeed sweet and sour.

Oyster Pancake - 3/6
The oysters were being cut into little chunks and mixed with water and flour to make this pancake. It was easy to burnt this pancake if you're not careful with the timing. Indeed, ours was a little burnt but not too severely. The sauce was interesting as it was tomato/sweet & sour based; I wouldn't say it's authentic as the sauce wasn't quite right.

We actually went back again after a couple weeks and I thought it just makes sense to combine the two visits together.

Beef Noodle Soup combo ($7.99 w/ drink) - 4/6

The beef noodle soup was quite sizeable and it came with about 4 - 5 pieces of beef. The soup wasn't overly salty and did have the beef aroma in it. I think it's a decent dish and served what's in its name.

Deep Fried Pork Chop combo ($7.99 w/ drink) - 3.5/6
The deep fried pork chop was topped with salt and pepper on top, and it was nicely fried. I did think that there was a bit too much flour-coat for the pork chop, degrading the crispiness that should have been there.

The drink serving as added bonus
The food was decent but the drink was certainly a bonus for ordering the daily specials. There was a time when many places would offer such bonus. I guess the inflation has also been reflected on this little gesture.  Beautiful Island did not necessarily have the prime location for a restaurant; it did have a few loyal customers that would come back over and over. I wouldn't say they have great food - but it's not a bad place to eat and enjoy the cheap drink.

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