11 October 2011

Legendary Noodle House (Denman)

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It was the day that we decided to take a long stroll to English Bay. Since it was late afternoon, I couldn't help but to think about what's for dinner. Looking around, there were many choices but I was feeling like noodle that day. That's when we made our way to Legendary Noodle House. Before we arrived, there were already line-up outside the restaurant.

Inside the restaurant, it was pretty cramp and dark. There were only about 7 ~ 8 tables and most of them were booths. We were lucky that we didn't have to wait for long. The booth that we got were right by their open kitchen. I must say - it was incredible to see how many people actually fit in there! The interior has a strong oriental style - dark wood with red paint. The décor on the wall were also very Chinese-ish. Since we were already reading the menu while waiting for our seats, we were able to place our order right when we sat down.

Cumin Lamb Shanks Fried Noodle - 4/6
The noodle was "dao xiao mian", which has a chewier texture and thicker than the normal noodle. There was just a bit of the cumin taste and the lamb shanks were pretty soft. I thought the one we had from ShaoLin Noodle House was better.

Dough Chucks in Lamb Shank Soup - 5/6
I've never had this dish before, at any place. The soup was very flavourful and the dough chucks have the chewy texture. It was like eating mozzarella cheese curds but more of the Chinese style. With the right amount of white pepper powder, it was definitely quite enjoyable.

Overall, it was a pretty tasty meal with a good portion. The menu was quite simple - obviously focused on the noodle dishes. I noticed that one of the servers were seemingly new so the service we got was a bit slow. Otherwise, it was a pleasant experience and I guess that's why there were always people lining up for this.

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