09 January 2012

Beecher's Handmade Cheese (Seattle)

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Even though we've drove down to Seattle a couple times already, this was the first time I did "food" related research before heading down. Beecher's Handmade Cheese is a name that kept coming up. It just so happened that I was having some serious mac'n cheese cravings at the time. So without saying, it made it to my "to eat" list.

From the name, you can tell it's a cheese shop. Yet it's not just your ordinary cheese shop. People also line up for their famous mac-n-cheese. The exterior wasn't anything special - it was an open shop with a few seats along the window display where people can see how the cheeses were made. From distant, we could already smell the cheesy cheese. Some people were also selecting cheese and browsing around their other cheese-related products (i.e. crackers).

The menu was simple - some choices of sandwiches and mac-n-cheese. We were there for the mac-n-cheese so it only took us 5 seconds to decide (mainly because we were thinking which size to get).

Mac-n-Cheese (US$5.00) - 6/6

I haven't had a lot of mac-n-cheese in my life but this was really good. The portion was quite big for a small and it was the right amount of cheesiness. (I confess... I couldn't wait and took a few bites before taking this picture...) The aroma from the cheese was so good that even thinking of it now makes my mouth watery.

I was glad to find out about this place and actually went to try it. The line-up wasn't too insane when we visited but there was certainly a very steady flow of customers coming. The price was not particularly cheap but the food was enjoyable so I thought it was worth the price. Plus, it located in the tourist attraction - the price would be more for the tourists right? ;) This sets a standard for me on how mac-n-cheese should be. I would definitely love to go back and have another bowl if we make a trip down there again.

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