11 January 2012

Le Panier (Seattle)

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By the time we finished the chowder, I was beyond full that I couldn't eat any more. Still, I didn't want to miss the chance of visiting Le Panier. It's a French pastry shop that many people mentioned online as well. We took a walk in the market before making our way there.

At the end, I ordered quite a few items for take-out and didn't get to enjoy them until the next day.

Butter Croissant (US$2.25) - 5/6
The buttery aroma has filled the room once I toasted this in the oven. I made it so that it was a little crispy on the outside - the inside was flaky and a bit chewy in a good way.

Chocolate Croissant (US$2.50) - 5/6
This was filled with dark chocolate that has a bit of strong cocoa after taste which I like. The chocolate was pretty much from end to end so we got to enjoy it until the last bite. Although the focus was on chocolate, the characteristics of the layered croissant was not sacrificed. It was a good harmony between them - very delish.

Raspberry Macaron (US$1.50) - 5/6
The light pinky colour actually made it look like a rose macaron. The butter cream filling in between the crispy raspberry shells wasn't overly sweet. It was very easy to go along with tea (particularly black tea).

Coffee Macaron (US$1.50) - 5/6
The coffee one was filled with coffee butter cream. The aroma from the coffee bean was subtle yet the after taste left you knowing it's a coffee macaron. The tiny coffee bean pieces also gave a little crunchy texture to this.

Palmier - 4/6
Do you really think I would stare at the palmier without picking one bag up? It would be very rare for that to happen! The palmier was on the crunchy side rather than fluffy. It was in fact a bit hard - probably because of the sugar coating. I'd have to say that I like the one from Costco better.

Even though we ate these the next day, they were still tasting fairly fresh. I like how the macarons were not too over the top sweet, and the croissants were buttery and flaky. I would actually want to go back and try their panini and see how they are. Oh well - next time~
The shop felt similar to La Baguette L'Echalote at Granville Island - many different choices of bread, pastries, and sweets. While I was lining up, a tall rack of cookies and palmiers were right next to me. I couldn't help to stare at them, thinking about what I should get.

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