10 January 2012

Pike Place Chowder (Seattle)

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After the delicious mac-n-cheese, we went to hunt for Pike Place Chowder. I've been looking for chowder in a bread bowl for so long that I was very determine to have this. Anyone knows where I can find chowder in a bread bowl in Vancouver?

The store is inside the alley - there's a Lego like sign at the entrance, pointing people to the right direction. By the time we got there, most of the seating were taken already. It was obvious that a lot of people knows this place.

The look was very similar to Beecher's Homemade Cheese - not much of a design but sells good stuffs. For people who wants to have more than one type of chowder, they could order the Sampler. Since the bread bowl is only for individual order, we quickly made our decision and got two bowls to share.

New England Clam Chowder in Bread Bowl (US$8.95) - 5/6 (On the right)
The clam chowder was very creamy and hearty - certainly loaded with clams and potatoes. Given that it's at the Pike Place Market, the ingredients certainly tasted very fresh. I've been craving this inside the bread bowl for quite a while already, so you could imagine how happy I was.

Market Chowder in Bread Bowl (US$9.45) - 4.5/6
The seafood selections for the market chowder that day were crab and oyster. Similar to the clam chowder, it was very creamy and loaded with seafood. I thought this was a bit salty, probably because of the oyster.

Perhaps it was because the mac-n-cheese was super filling already, we had a hard time finishing the bread bowl itself. I think the clam chowder was very classy and the sour dough was very flavourful (in a sour dough way). Given how fulfilling both the chowder and bread bowl were, I think it would have been a good meal for one person. Next time when you're at the market, make sure you have a bowl to warm yourself up.

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