06 February 2012

Tasty Indian Bistro (Surrey)

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I admit we don't normally go further than New Westminster for our food adventure much. Given some colleagues of Greeny's invited us for dinner, we ceased the chance and headed towards Surrey for Indian food.

The drive was alright expect it was quite foggy. It was fun to see places that we rarely been and certainly made it feel like an adventure. Out of our expectation, Tasty Indian Bistro has a very hip and modern interior décor. With dark, warm tone of red with dark brown and black, it created a very grand feeling. I like the lighting very much as it helped to bring out the atmosphere. There were quite a number of Indian-style items place around the restaurant, accentuate the ambience.

There were quite a bit of items to choose from, and price range wise, we thought it was reasonable. With a few pointers and personal preference, we were able to make decisions on what to try.

Shahi Paneer ($10) - 5.5/6
It was recommended by the others and we decided to give it a shot. It turned out that this is a creamy dish with paneer (Indian word for cottage cheese) in it. The cheese curd was quite enjoyable and didn't have a strong fromage taste. Very nice start~

Butter Chicken ($12) - 6/6
Butter chicken seemed to be the dish that we use as a benchmark for all Indian restaurants. This one was very flavourful to the point that even the chicken itself was filled with flavour. At the same time, it was very tender without being dry at all.

Lamb Korma ($13) - 5.5/6
We couldn't decide which lamb dish to get and our server recommended this for a medium spicy dish. Again, it was very flavourful though it was a different flavour from the other two. The lamb was very soft but could be a bit lamby for some people. The taste is a bit stronger as well.

Vegetable Samosa ($6) - 5/6
The samosa itself was a bit smaller than I thought. Then again, they did come with quite a bit of sides - onion salad, chickpeas, two dipping sauce and one mustard like sauce. Portion-wise, it was quite sizeable for sure; not the samosa itself though. The samosa were quite crispy on the outside and there were quite a bit of veggies inside as well. It was pretty decent.

Naan (Regular $1.50 / Garlic $2.50) - 6/6
We ordered some regular and some garlic naan - they were all very soft with right amount of chewy texture. The garlic one gave the dish a little kick but it wasn't overly garlicky. They were definitely great compliment of all the dishes we ordered.

All the dishes that we ordered very all burst with flavours. Though the container may look small but don't let it fool you; those were actually quite big portions to go with naan since a bit of the sauce would just be enough. It was definitely a very fulfilling meal at a place that we don't normally visit. A great introduction from friends~
One thing to note though is that they don't take reservations during the weekends. Make sure you either go early or plan to wait for a bit when you go.

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  1. sad.. the tea coffee is served in a tea cup and no refillss.