15 July 2012

Savary Island Pie Company (West Van)

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I've been in hiatus for a while… quite a while is probably a better way to put it. Any particular reason why? I can't really think of any that won't sound like an excuse. Nevertheless, I'm back - hoping to catch up.

It was the time of the monthly coffee tour (which I will showcase at another time). After the tour, we decided to grab something to eat nearby. I’ve heard from Savary Island Pie Company from difference places. All indications have been positive, and since our last coffee stop is not even a block away, it was the perfect opportunity to visit.
Once we entered the place, it reminded me of “The Bakehouse” and “Aphrodite’s Organic Café”. With the gorgeous weather outside, there were a couple tables out there. Inside, it was pretty crammed. There were many baked goods on display along with some freshly baked bread. I’ve already got some baked goods in my system during coffee tour, it was time for something savory. Yet again, I wouldn’t considered myself visited this place without a slice of pie.
Homemade Iced Tea ($2.75) – 5.5/6
I wouldn’t have ordered it if it’s just the regular iced tea. From the look of it, it’s more like lemonade than iced tea. It was very refreshing without being overly sweet.

Breakfast Sandwich – 4/6
R ordered the breakfast sandwich and when it came, B kept saying it smelled so good. It was because of the cheesy cheese on top along with grilled ham and eggs. To me, it was a bit heavy. The bread was toasted perfectly to give a little crunchy texture to taste.

Grilled Chicken and Basil Sandwich ($12.25) – 5/6
This one didn’t smell as cheesy and was filled with pesto sauce and marinated grilled chicken. Same with the breakfast sandwich, the bread was toasted with a bit of olive oil and very crunchy out the outside. I really like the bread!

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie ($5.5) – 4/5
The strawberry rhubarb pie was fine – some bites were a bit bitterer than others. Having said that, I really like the pie crust. It was a bit thicker than expected but very dry and crispy.

It was a very enjoyable meal – the only sticker to me was the price. I felt it was a bit more expensive than other places. Perhaps it’s the magic word “organic” that drove up the price? I guess location was also a factor, being in West Van. But I digress… it’s a cute little place to check out when you’re around. Particularly with weather like what we have recently, it’s a good place to cool down after time spent under the sun.

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