19 July 2012

ShuRaKu Sake Bar & Bistro (Downtown)

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There are many izakaya in town; for some reasons, I just never made it to ShuRaKu. Located right on Granville street, it probably has a better location than many others. Heading inside, it was dark tone of colour with a lit paper wall to punch out the contrast.

The atmosphere reminded me a bit about Hapa – very similar type of feeling. There’s a sushi bar with half opened kitchen for some easy cooking. The deep fried items were prepared in the back kitchen. There’s a very cute sign on the washroom door – kind of retro in a way.
Eggplant Popper ($5.50) - 3.5/6
Deep fried eggplant with tempura like coating. It was alright.

TakoWasa ($3.95) - 3/6
It has a very pretty presentation and instead of just a small plate of takowasa, it actually came with some fresh baby cucumber. You can eat it with the miso paste on the side – it’s a very refreshing taste. I thought the cucumber was more memorable than the takowasa itself.

Sashimi Salad ($12) - 5/6
It was not like what I thought – instead of putting the sashimi on salad, it was sashimi with wrapped veggies. That was very claver I must say.

KaraageNanban ($6.95) - 4.5/6
The deep fried chicken was hot a juicy, sprinkled with soy based dressing. I liked that it didn’t have mayo.

ABC Roll ($9.50) - 4/6
The ABC stands for Avocado, BBQ salmon skin, and Cucumber. It was served with teriyaki and spicy pepper sauce and topped with cooked prawn as well. It was fine.

Roulette Roll ($12) - 5/6
The presentation of the roulette roll was much more interesting to look at. I guess the deep fried lotus root chip was to symbolize roulette? The black "line" on the plate was seaweed paste, which I quite liked. The negi toro on top was nicely done. Overall, it was a very well-rounded flavour and creative roll.

Yaki Soba ($7.50) - 1/6
This was kind of disappointing… The soba noodle wasn't cooked completely, and it was overly oily. I definitely wouldn't recommend this, especially with the price tag it comes with.

Tuna Trio Hot Pot ($13) - 4.5/6
This was an interesting one and seemed to be quite popular that day. All the ingredients were on the side and you cook them as you eat. There were tuna fish from three different parts - body, belly, and cheek (I think). This was on the special menu so I can't say it is still available. Each piece of tuna was thinly sliced so it didn't take long to cook. The broth after we've cooked everything was quite nicely and naturally flavoured. On the side, they gave us a small amount of yuzu (citrus) pepper which I loved!

As a whole, I thought Shuraku was fine with some hits and misses. The style was a bit more fusion than I thought, a bit similar to Hapa Izakaya in my opinion. I wouldn't mind heading back to try their lunch menu. So far, Suika is still my #1!

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