08 October 2012

Nuba (Hastings)

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With our monthly dine-out adventure, we made our way to Nuba at Hasting. After I made the reservation for our group, the restaurant kindly sent us a group menu to look at. It was $20 per person plus gratuity and taxes - I thought it was a great idea. Good thing that the group also agreed so that's what we ended up with.


Hummus - 5.5/6
The hummus was very creamy yet not overly rich. I like how the texture was quite dense and goes well with the pita bread.

Pita Bread - n/a
The pita bread was quite thin and would have been better if it was served warm.

Taboulleh - 5/6
This was parsley and lemon-mint salad, which has a very refreshing taste. Good for digestion as well I think.

Baba Ghanooj - 4.5/6
The roasted eggplant puree has a lighter taste, and I was surprised you couldn't really taste the eggplant.

Fattoush Salad - 4/6
Compare to the taboulleh, this one seemed a bit ordinary. It's not to say this was not good, I guess I like taboulleh better.

Cabbage - 6/6
The cabbage was nicely pickled and changed your taste bud a bit. It sort of helped to cleanse your palate so we get to enjoy other items.

Macedonian Feta Cheese - 5.5/6
It was indeed a very good feta cheese - super fresh and no goaty taste at all. The texture was dense and creamy at the same time. It was quite fulfilling as well.

Najib's Special - 6/6
I was speechless when I ate this - it was so very good. Crispy cauliflower with lemon juice and sea salt - doesn't it sound so simple? Yet the lemon brought out the citrus refreshing flavour, which kind of balanced out the sea salt. This dish was so well received that everyone at the table was very impressed.

Falafel - 6/6
Another incredible dish of falafel. I must admit that I fell in love with falafel after I had this. Everything in there was nicely balanced in amount. Even the spies were at the right level which made the taste even more pleasant.

Mjadra - 4.5/6
This was organic green lentils with rice, topped with crispy onions. Probably because of how much I enjoyed the cauliflower and falafel, this one seemed a bit normal.

Lamb Kebab - 4/6
Aside from the shared plates, we each get to order an item. I chose lamb kebab which was quite juicy. It was good but not unexceptional.

Satay Shrimp - n/a
Another option for the individual item.

Chocolate Quinoa Cake ($8) - 6/6
After dinner, our server recommended this as dessert. I was a bit curious about how this would taste like. It turned out to be so amazing that I finished the entire piece with my super full stomach. Being a non-chocolate cake lover, this was quite something. In fact, it was so good to the point that I started searching for recipe when I got home!

I think everyone was impressed with the meal quite a bit that we still talked about it over the weekend. The only negative was that we were told we can refill anything other than our individual dish. However, it was under the guideline if you finish everything in the plate. We weren't aware of it until we asked for more cauliflower with still some food left. I could understand that they didn't want to waste food. At the same time, I thought the server could have notify us ahead of time.
It's rare to see me rate so many items at the 6/6 level, but I truly believe how enjoyable they are. If you haven't tried Nuba before, this is a place you wouldn't want to miss out!

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