10 October 2012

Palki Restaurant (Commercial)

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Another of my last minute coupon use visit – we found ourselves at Palki on Commercial. It wasn’t a very busy restaurant on a Monday and we nearly missed where it’s at.

The interior was very different from most of Indian restaurant – it has a dark theme completed with dark wooden furnish and a bit modern-ish feel. It seemed like we were not alone as a few other tables also came to redeem their pass.

Mango Lassi – 6/6
Given my very pleasant lassi experience at “East is East”, I didn’t hesitate to recommend the mango lassi to Greeny. It was very creamy without being overly sweet – loved it.

Lamb Pasnda ($11.95) – 5/6
We order this as extra just in case there wasn’t enough food with the one pass we have. The lamb has a very strong and distinct taste – loaded with spices. Naan or rice is definitely recommended with this dish.

Vegetable samosa – 4/5
Filled mainly with potato, the vegetable samosa was alright. I thought it would have been better if the skin/coating was a bit more crispy and thinner.

Lamb Barrah Kebob – 3.5/6
 thought the lamb kebob was a bit dry and smoky.

Tandoori Prawn – 3.5/6
The prawn was quite crunchy and fresh yet a bit salty.

Murg Malai Tikka – 4/6
The chicken was quite nicely marinated on the outside;I thought the inside was a bit plain.

Butter Chicken – 4/6
The butter chicken tasted quite different – it seemed like the acidity from tomato sauce was the main character. I would have liked it better if it was more buttery. Also, I thought it was quite spicy for me.

Onion and Cilantro Naan – 4/6
The onion flavour was more apparently than the cilantro. The naan itself had a soft texture but was a bit thinner than I thought.

Garlic Naan($3)  – 3.5/6
We ordered the garlic naan because there was still quite a bit of curry and butter chicken to finish. The naan was coated with minced garlic and I thought it was a bit overly grilled, causing the garlic to blacken and left the charcoal taste.

Roti ($1.75) – 4/6
Compare to the naan, the roti was actually quite light with the aroma from wheat. Texture-wise, I thought they were quite similar.

Despite only had one pass it was a very fulfilling meal. The service was very professional and the items we tried were decent. It wouldn’t be a bad place to check out if you’re on the Drive and looking for Indian options.

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