12 October 2012

Sushi Mart (Robson)

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Japanese food is the one type of cuisines I would crave all the time (aside from sweets…) And I’ve been craving for Sushi Mart’s Chirashi don for several days. The sunny Vancouver weather permitted a walk to Sushi Mart and a release to my craving.
It was nearly Noon and the store had a constant flow of customers. We each had an order of the famous and good valued Chirashi don so we could both enjoy it fully.

Chirashi Don ($12.50)
It was a fairly priced Chirashi don, loaded with 2 types of tuna, wild salmon, cooked prawn, ika and taco, ikura, and tamago (Japanese seasoned egg). The rice itself not only mixed with a balanced amount of vinegar and sugar, but also with some chopped yellow sweet ginger. I thought the addition of chopped ginger made the rice tastier and complimented the sashimi well.

Aside from the Chirashi don, there are also a variety of rolls and nigiri sushi to choose from. They use ocean-wise sustainable seafood ingredients. If you love Chirashi don, you have to come and try this one!

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