25 December 2012

Catch 122 Cafe Bistro (Hastings)

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As the year comes to an end, I’ve been looking back at my backlog realizing it’s getting out of hands again. With just about a week left in 2012, I’ve decided to clean them all up so I can start 2013 fresh. Without further ado – let’s begin. =)
Haven't seen R for a while as we all have been busy. Finally managed to find a date that we were all free. Somehow I came across Catch 122 on the web and thought it would be fun to check out. It was a gorgeous day for a little walk before lunch.

Located right across from London Drugs at Woodward Building, Catch 122 offers a comfy atmosphere for dinning. In fact, the whole set up was kind of similar to Meat & Bread except the type of food offered were different. I love the natural wooden design and furnishing inside.

French Press House Coffee - n/a
This was required to wake R up! I only had a little taste to it but it was quite fragrant. R liked it.
Slow Roasted Pulled Pork ($11.50) - 4/6
Came with fries, the pulled pork sandwich was quite savoury and even a bit sweet. The bun was soft and the fries were fine. I thought the one from Re-Up offered better value and taste.
Croque Madame ($12) - 4/6
We had roasted potato and house salad on the side for this one. The poached egg was nicely done without overcooking the egg yolk. I found there to be a lack of creaminess from the cheese. In comparison, I enjoyed the version I had a The Flying Pig better.

Liege Waffle ($12) - 4.5/6
There were 3 pieces of waffle - perfect for the three of us to share. Strawberries, chocolate sauce and whipped cream were placed individually on the side. I thought the waffle by itself was sweet enough. The texture was soft and a bit chewy. It would have been better if they were warmed up a bit.

I thought the food was quite decent and I really enjoyed the atmosphere. Although it was our server's first day, the service was quite attentive. It was a cute little café bistro that's good to catch up with friends. I wouldn't mind heading back to give their dinner menu a shot.

Cute board that came with our bill

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