29 December 2012

Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria (Commercial)

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When I was dinning at Marcello’s couple months ago, I saw a huge lineup at Famoso and was eyeing on trying it. That’s why I didn’t think twice when there’s a Groupon available for this place. It was another dinner trip for four.

Before we went there, I’ve read a few things about how you need to order at the cashier first rather than the server taking order from your table. It wasn’t a big deal for me though for some, it was. I also thought we had to pay first but was told that we pay after. Our server was quite helpful and nice; she made recommendations on a few popular items they have and explained to us how their ordering system works.

Right by the ordering area, there’s a pizza making area with a big stone stove. It was supposed to be high in temperature, high enough that pizza would be done in 90 seconds. Still, it took some time for the pizzas to arrive since they had to make it.

Caesar Salad ($10)
We had a large Caesar salad to start and share. Rather than creamy Caesar, the salad was actually dressed lightly with olive oil and lime juice. The bacon bites were not overly salty and overall, the salad was quite refreshing to eat.

Margherita ($11.50)
One of the basic pizza types that was quite popular. The tomato sauce based pizza was topped with mozzarella, and fresh basil. The pizza was quite thin and the crust was a bit soggy, which I didn’t mind personally. I would have liked a bit more basil though.

Capricciosa ($14.75)
This was also a tomato sauce based pizza with Italian ham, roasted mushrooms, artichoke hearts, and black olives. The black olives were quite salty and the pizza as a whole has a strong flavour.

Prosciutto Arugula ($14.75)
This was a white sauce based pizza with prosciutto and arugula. There was quite a bit of garlic in the white sauce, making this quite a bit garlicky. I did like that the prosciutto was nice and thin, rather than being overly salty. However, the arugula was somehow a bit bitter.

The pizza was quite sizeable so despite having 4 people, we couldn’t finish all of them. I was hoping to try their dessert pizza but was also too stuffed to do so. Oh well – perhaps next time. I thought the experience was quite nice and would come back again.

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