31 December 2012

L.A. Chicken (Richmond)

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R has been telling us about L.A. Chicken for a couple times. From what he described, people would never want to eat KFC or Church after they had L.A. Chicken. That’s quite some compliment to the store, don’t you think? Anyway – that type of claim captured Greeny’s attention so we were set out to try.

Located in a little food square on No.5 Road, L.A. Chicken wasn’t too difficult to find. We were pretty lucky that a parking space freed up when we got there. From the outside, it looked kind of creepy. When we headed inside, the décor was just… sad… But hey – we were here for the food so never mind about how it looks.
While we were trying to decide, the lady at the cashier kindly told us about the specials they had. We ended up ordering…

4-Piece Dinner ($10.99)
The chicken was fried when ordered so it took a little while to get it. The lady was very nice that she gave us an extra leg so we ended having 5 pieces crispy (spicy) chicken with fries, gravy and drink. The chicken wasn’t very spicy at all and indeed very crispy. It was also very juicy without being oily at all – unlike the ones from KFC and Church. Since it’s not overly salty, the chicken actually went well with the gravy sauce which was also nicely flavoured. I really liked the gravy as it has the kick from pepper. The fries were different than McD’s – fatter and less salty. Still, I like McD fries better (personal preference)

The fried chicken was worth the rave from R, but I think it wouldn’t be as tasty if we have brought it home from Richmond. While we were eating, I’ve noticed that many of the customers were returning customers or the frequents. They would come in, chit chat with the lady (whom I’m assuming is the owner) and order “the usual”. This was quite rare to see for a fried chicken place (at least I thought so). If you haven’t tried this place, make sure to give it a shot when you’re in Richmond – I think it will be worth your while.

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