27 December 2012

Lucky's Doughnuts (Main)

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With the chance to visit 49th Parallel, my attention was actually more on Lucky's Doughnuts. By the time we arrived, there was already a good lineup inside the store. And it seemed like everyone would order at least a doughnut or two to go with their cup of Joe.

Honey Glazed
I know it’s a bit of a basic one but sometimes, the basic/simple one says so much about the quality. One would argue that if the store fails on the basic ones, it’s difficult to succeed with more complex ones. The doughnut itself has a more bread like texture, which I like. It wasn’t overly sweet or oily either; at the same time, it was quite filling. Not a bad start for sure.

Mango Square
I heard the reason for the square shape was so that one can enjoy the filling with every bite. In fact, it was quite true. It was a fairly heavy doughnut with a rich mango flavoured filling. On the first couple bites, it was quite enjoyable but it would definitely be better with a cup of coffee or tea to accompany this. I thought it was quite nicely done.

Despite only had two different kinds of doughnuts they were both quite good and filling. I don’t think I can have more than two; in fact, Greeny helped me a bit with it. Aside from doughnuts, they also have other baked goods like croissants and scones. I would be interested to come back and try those.

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