25 December 2012

Mom's Grilled Cheese (Downtown)

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It's rare that both Greeny and I would be at downtown during weekday mornings. And it's this rare opportunity that we've decided to check out some of the latest food trucks around town. After doing a bit of digging, the name "Mom's Grilled Cheese" kept coming up. That's when I knew it's the place to check out.
It's certainly a popular truck located on Howe right by the Vancouver Art Gallery. Along with Mom's Grilled Cheese, you can also find Tacofino and Pig on the Street at the same spot. Probably because of the nice weather and being a Friday, all of the trucks have a long lineup. It was a good time to decide what we wanted to order during line up.

Minty Lemonade - 6/6
It's the perfect drink under the super sunny day. The mint was very refreshing and the overall taste wasn't too sweet. It went well with our sandwich.

The La Di Da ($8.50) - 5.5/6
This was the Friday special - prosciutto (lots of it) with caramelized onions. We substituted the goat cheese for havarti and since they were out of French bread, I chose multigrain. The portion was quite large that it was impossible for me to finish all by myself. The sandwich was amazing! Prosciutto was a bit too salty but the rosemary infused honey and cream sauce brought in a different level of flavour.

No wonder there was such a long line-up for this truck. While I was waiting to order, there were people talking about what the best classic grilled cheese combination. It seemed like many of them were repeated customers which is always a good sign for the truck. I'm sure I would love to re-visit this place if I have a chance.

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