31 December 2012

SzeChuan Chongqing Seafood Restaurant (Broadway)

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It was an impromptu decision to head out for dim sum. Since I was feeling rather lazy, we chose to find somewhere close rather than heading to Richmond. Located on Broadway, SzeChuan Chongqing offers dim sum during lunch time. I haven’t been there myself for dim sum so I was curious to see what they offer. Little did I know, it turned out to be not so positive.

Deep Fried Spicy Calamari
The portion was pretty small especially given there were 6 of us. The calamari was quite soft and perhaps it has been done for a while, the dish was lukewarm. As a whole, it was alright.

Deep Fried Sticky Rice Dumpling
There wasn’t a lot of meat content inside the dumpling so I felt like I was eating mostly the sticky rice. Like the calamari, this was lukewarm too.

Fried Green Bean Szechuan Style
There wasn’t anything special about the green bean and the portion was also pretty small. I thought this was a bit salty to my taste.

House Special Shredded Chicken
The shredded chicken was nicely flavoured – sweet with the aroma from sesame oil. There was quite a bit of chicken, which was nice.

Mouth Watering Chicken Szechuan Style
 This had a very strong flavour and was very spicy to the point that I couldn’t really eat much of it. I guess in that regard, it did qualify as Szechuan style.

BBQ Pork Pastry
he BBQ Pork Pastry was alright – the pastry part was rather dense than flakey. It was quite oily and most of the oil was soaked in the pastry itself.

Rock Salt Deep Fried Tofu
The deep fried tofu was quite crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Despite the amount of paprika and garlic shown, it’s not spicy at all.

Shredded Chicken Chow Mein
The Chow Mein came with crispy noodle and it wasn’t overly soaked. The taste wasn’t anything out of ordinary.

Chinese Doughnut Rice Roll
The Chinese doughnut, rather than crispy, was actually quite dense and chewy. There wasn’t much dried shredded pork inside and the overall flavour was a bit blend.

Egg Tart
The egg tart shell was okay flakey but the egg filling was very soft and watery. I didn’t like the texture much.

Coconut Pudding
The coconut pudding wasn’t overly sweet but was also on the watery side.

I wouldn’t say I have a very good dim sum experience at Chongqing. There were only limited selections of items and I couldn’t find anything that stood out. Most dishes were lukewarm as if they have been sitting out there for a while. Also – the portion was distinctively small in my opinion. With many other dim sum options out there, I can’t see myself returning again.

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