29 December 2012

The Ticket Kitchen & Bar (Downtown)

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The Ticket Kitchen & Bar has been on a couple online coupon sites quite a bit recently. And it just so happened that Lun bought one and asked us whether we would like to go and try. The coupon, which was meant for two people, included 1 appy, 2 entrees, and 1 dessert. As there were 4 of us, we ordered some other items to make sure it’s enough for everyone.

1lb Mussels & Fresh French Bread ($17)
1lb of mussels actually wasn’t as much as I thought it would be. It was quite fat and juicy but could have been a little hotter.

Seafood Salad ($16)
Seafood salad was basically mixed greens and iceberg lettuce with grape tomatoes, grilled salmon chucks, and prawns. I thought it was a bit expensive for its portion.

Rib Eye ($40)
We had it done medium and it came with a bit of fat on the outside. Serving with pepper corn sauce, I thought this was the fattiest out of all.

Prime Rib Regular Cut ($34)
Regular cut was about 12oz and it came with mashed potatoes, veggies and Yorkshire pudding. We also asked for medium on this one and it came with a bit of gravy on the side. The prime rib was not as tender as the rib eye.

Filet Mignon ($38)
Our server recommended this one, which was 8oz tenderloin, with mushroom sauce. I thought this one was the most tendered out of the three. It was well-seasoned so we didn’t need to add more salt to it.

New York Style Cheesecake with Berry Compote
I was hoping to get crème brulee but they were out of it. So I went for my second default – the cheesecake. It was presented sloppily and the berry compote didn’t taste that fresh. As for the cheesecake itself, I felt like there’s a lot of cream rather than cream cheese. I didn’t like it.

The steaks that we had were all fairly good but I thought they are on the pricier side. Despite it being the dinner time, there were only a couple tables of people. I guess the NHL strike has affected them quite a bit. The service we got was quite dispersed and slowed, which I couldn’t understand since it wasn’t a very busy place. I wouldn’t mind visiting the place again if I have the coupon, but probably won’t with its regular price.

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  1. Weird, I went there the other day and they didn't have creme brulee either!! >:(