15 March 2012

The Mac Shack (Kerrisdale)

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I made say the use of Groupon has certainly brought me a lot of opportunities to eat at places that I've either been wanting to visit, or brought some places to my attention. In this case, it's a place I've been wanting to visit but was a bit hesitant because of most reviews were not very positive. Anyhow - Lun purchased the Groupon and asked Green and I to join in. Of course I wouldn't say no~ =)

The store was quite packed by the time we arrived, most of the people were there cashing in Groupon as well. Luckily, we got a place to sit quite quickly. It wasn't super spacious but could still fit in quite some people. The line-up was quite long so we took it as an advantage to discuss about what we should order.

13 March 2012

The Flying Pig (Yaletown)

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I've been wanting to pay a visit to "The Flying Pig" for a while - both because of the good things I've heard, and because of its catchy name. Originally I was trying to see whether I can coordinate for dinner, but they don't take reservations. I didn't want to risk it so it was a no-go. Finally, A and I have been talking about catching up since we haven't seen each other for months. I suggested to visit "The Flying Pig" as its just a few blocks away from skytrain station.

We were very early just so we can avoid waiting. The interior was a mix of red brick wall and wooden tone décor - very nicely coordinated. We selected the high table with high chairs so we have the view of the entire restaurant. Everything on the brunch menu looked very delicious - but I already have my mind made up before coming over.

12 March 2012

Hakkaku Ramen (Burnaby)

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Rainy day usually made me crave for something hot and soupy. Coincidentally, I stumbled upon a ramen shop in North Burnaby. Since I was already heading over there, I suggested to Greeny and G that we should go and check it out.

Hakkaku located on E. Hasting and it's very easy to get passed by - most likely because of the busy traffic. The interior was very red with few Japanese-ish décor items around. There was only one server and two people in the kitchen - likely the owners. The menu was quite simple so it didn't take us long to make a decision.

11 March 2012

Gyu King Teppanyaki (Downtown)

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Months ago I purchased a Groupon for Gyu King Teppanyaki and has been planning to use it for some time. Since both Greeny and I have not been to this place, it was a bit of an adventure of itself.
Located in core Downtown on Alberni Street, we've passed by this place for a number of times. Given the price not being the most approachable, it's never really been on our list to try. That's why I was very excited to see it appeared on Groupon.

It seemed like many people came for the same reason and it was certainly a busy night for a week day. Despite having a reservation, we still waited for about 15 minutes until our chef showed up. The restaurant was divided into several compartment - each has two teppan stations and could accommodate large group of 10. Each of the station would have a dedicated chef for the entire dining process. The menu was already pre-selected through Groupon so we didn't have to take time to decide.

Seasonal Green Salad - 4/6
­The green salad was lightly dressed and refreshing. However, I didn't like the mayo on top - thought it was unnecessary.

Lobster Miso Soup - 5/6
Despite it's miso soup, we could actually enjoy the lobster taste in it. There wasn't much else other than a small piece of lobster claw. Yet, it wasn't overly fishy. In fact, it was a nice blend of miso and lobster taste that made this tasteful.

Atlantic Lobster - 4.5/6
Greeny was surprised about how "big" the whole lobster was. It's in fact a baby lobster. The texture was quite firm and it was nicely seasoned during the cooking process. Probably because the cooking iron was very hot - the lobster juice was well maintained.

Prawns - 4.5/6
The prawns were already de-skinned and our chef probably got a little too excited talking about Jeremy Lin that he put a tad more salt in this.

AAA Beef Tenderloin - 5/6
The beef tenderloin was quite nicely grilled - the natural steak juice was maintained well in it. And it was as we wanted - medium rare. Combined with only salt and pepper, one could really enjoy the natural taste of the steak.

Rib Eye Usuyaki - 4/6
This was essentially thinly sliced rib eye wrapped deep fried garlic and chopped green onion. There were a couple of them not cooked well, and because it was a bit saucy, the deep fried garlic was a bit mushy.

Chicken Fillet - 4/6
The chicken fillet skin was very crispy - since it took a while to cook through, I was a bit worried that it would be too dry. It was not the case. The texture was also quite soft, combined with the crispy skin led to my fried chicken craving.

Beef Fried Rice - 3/6
The fried rice was quite oily… And the beef was chopped to tiny pieces so it didn't add much of the texture to the fried rice.

Fried Vegetable - 2/6
This was just a simple pan fried vegetable - nothing more than that.

Gelato - n/a
 We had the choice of green tea or mango - we went with one each. From the taste of it, I think it was Mario's gelato. By saying this, I guess you probably know how it taste like.

As a whole, I think the ingredients used were quite fresh. Having a chef making it just add to the entertainment during the eat. At the same time, our chef was quite sloppy especially when he was making the fried rice. Perhaps having the personal chef was the reason why it was pricey to begin with.
Honestly, the dining experience was interesting. Would I come back for the regular priced meal? I would say very unlikely. It's not the food was bad - it's just that I thought it's over priced for the amount and quality it offers. Again, this is just my personal preference.

04 March 2012

Samba Brailian Steak House (Downtown)

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During one weekend, the boys invited us for lunch at Samba. At the time, we have already made pizza at home so we didn't join. Then Greeny couldn't resist the temptation so we arranged to visit the next weekend. Apparently that area will be renovated as a whole - that's why Aki Japanese has moved. When we asked Samba, they said they are not affected by it. I guess that's good news?!

Before we were going, I found that Samba Brazilian Steakhouse is actually part of the Thai House group. That was surprising to me! It opens from Noon during weekends, which made us the almost the first table in the entire restaurant. We were targeting for the lunch time all you can eat so there's really no need to think about what to order.

The interior was quite exotic to look at - there was also a stage for performance during dinner service. Towards the salad bar, there's a display for the grilled meat station. That's where the meats were prepared and soon going into our stomach.