23 January 2013

Hy’s Encore Steakhouse (Downtown)

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It was Lun’s birthday so I thought we would go somewhere we don’t normally go. Located on Hornby Street, Hy’s Encore Steakhouse doesn’t exactly have the look for a restaurant – at least not on the outside. The first time I encountered it, I thought it was a church or something. Little did I know it was a steakhouse and quite spacious inside.

Right when we walked in, I immediately felt kind of out of place. It had very much the same feel as Gotham – a “not-your-everyday-food” kind of feel. But I digress… I was very surprise to see almost a full house inside the restaurant. That’s interesting~

While we were staring at the menu, trying to decide what to order, our server offered his knowledge on the steaks and made his recommendations. He also took the opportunity to show us the grill which illustrated the different portion of the different steaks.

Cheese Toast for Two

I’ve heard many people saying about this famous item and our server also recommended it. When I suggest ordering this as our appy, I got a doubtful look from both Greeny and Lun. I could completely understand why because I was skeptical about it as well. Yet it was quite surprisingly good – our order wasn’t overly greasy. The cheese toast had a very sophisticated depth; it wasn’t just cheddar, I heard there was a couple more different cheese coupled with it. The toast was very soft that you felt it just melted in your mouth. It was a “wow” reaction despite its price.

Bone-In Rib Steak
Lun ordered the 16oz bone-in rib steak, which ended up being our favorite of the night. The steak was nicely flavoured with its own fat. And the tenderness was something that made this enjoyable.

Our server recommended the porterhouse steak – a 22oz steak which was charcoal broiled to medium-rare. It was definitely huge as we felt it could have easily been for 2 people. As a whole experience, it was alright depending on which “part” you had in your mouth.

Mixed Grill
I went with the mixed grilled which was not on the menu. Basically, it was a combination of New Year Strip, Filet Mignon, and Rib Steak – 2 to 3oz each. Adding to these, there was also 2 grilled shrimps, one rack of lamb, grilled veggie, and a choice of potato. I went with the double baked potato, where you also get to topped it with sour cream, chives, bacon bites and butter if you wish. I thought the double baked potato was very tasty even just by itself. Each piece of meat has its own characteristics. The only minus point for me would be the creamy sauce on top of the lamb – I wasn’t too fond of it.

I noted down when I made the reservation online that this was for Lun's birthday. At first I wasn’t sure whether they would remember or do something about it. To my surprise, our server came with the cheesecake and a candle on it. I have to say this part was very well done. The cheesecake was creamy and I liked pleasant amount of aroma coming from the cream cheese itself.

Vanilla Bean Crème Brulee
Greeny and I shared the vanilla bean crème brulee – it was larger than I thought. Our server was very humorous that he brought over a big spoon for me and a tiny spoon for Greeny. The crème brulee was very rich and creamy, yet I thought the hard caramel was a bit too thick to my liking.

Price aside, I thought the experience was quite pleasant and we were well-served. The porterhouse is appropriate for occasions where you want to treat yourself for something good and fulfilling. But both Greeny and I actually like the bone-in rib steak more. Different personal taste~ Also, I thought the potato on the side was a very nice touch. This is a place you may want to consider for special occasions or a romantic dinner with your special someone.

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  1. I can't wait to go to my date next week. We made plans to come here and I have heard from a lot of friends that this place is awesome. The cheesecake looks dazzling!

    Mischna Ong