18 January 2013

Peaceful Restaurant (Broadway)

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Knowing that we would be in the hood, I’ve already got lunch planned out. I’ve heard so many people talking about Peaceful Restaurant and how it compares to Sha-Lin Noodle House. Since we like Sha-Lin quite a bit, I was curious to see exactly how good Peaceful is.

When we arrived, it was full house so we had to wait for a bit. While waiting, I saw the signature “stamp” from Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Interesting – I didn’t know about this before I came.  There’s also an award for their Beef Roll – I guess we got one item decided for us already.

Chicken & Clear Noodle Salad
 The clear noodle was made from mung bean starch and was quite chewy. Mixed with spicy sauce, sesame sauce, shredded chicken and spinach, it was spicy and sour. It was a bit overly spicy for us.

Xiao Long Bao
There were 7 of them, which was kind of odd. Usually they come in even numbers, but oh well. The first one I had wasn’t very juicy but the second was better. They were not very consistent.

Peaceful Beef Rolls
The famous beef rolls were cut into 4 pieces. The Chinese pancake was very crispy; the whole roll was very well balanced with the amount of beef slices, cucumber, green onion and the sauce. Indeed, it was a very well executed dish.

Cumin Lamb Stir Fried Noodle
We had the knife cut noodle with cumin lamb. The portion was a bit less than the one we had at Sha-Lin Noodle House. It was a little spicy but we were okay with it. Greeny and I both found the House Special at Sha-Lin Noodle House tastier.

Yu-Nan Rice Noodle Pot
This literally came in a pot with soup, noodle and some seafood. The broth was very easygoing and smooth; a good change of taste from the fried noodle. The portion was actually quite a bit. We like this over the fried noodle for sure.

I thought all of the items we ordered were good – some better than others. It was definitely a solid experience and I personally did enjoy their famous beef rolls quite a bit. With that, I’m sure we would be heading back again and try out some other dishes.

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