04 February 2013

SoL Sun Belt Cookery (Downtown)

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 One of the interesting parts about deciding where to go during Dine Out Vancouver was looking at the menu from various restaurants. I noticed SoL Sun Belt because of its name – I haven’t heard of it. After a little bit of research, it seemed like a very interesting place to try out.

 Located right at the Seawall, it definitely has an upper hand on the location. That made me even more curious about whether the food would measure up. When I arrived, it was still very quiet and I already liked what I saw as far as the interior went. Aside from the Dine Out menu, they also offered a $38 “Feed Ur SoL” menu where the portion size would be a bit bigger and selections were completely different.

 It was very hard to decide since everything all looked so good to me. When we were waiting for our food, the music was turned up and a dancer came out to perform. That was something I didn’t expect to see.

Pan Seared Prawns & Scallops
The prawns and scallops came along with cannellini bean puree. The people who ordered this said that the seafood was very fresh and the bean puree was a good compliment to the dish.

Eggplant Caviar
 This was eggplant puree mixed with roasted garlic. The preserved lemon and extra virgin olive oil came in the form of drizzle along the plate. I liked that citrus aroma from the preserved lemon – it tasted very lighthearted if you know what I mean.

Mushroom Bruschetta
 This was from the “Feed Ur SoL” menu and YL really enjoyed it. It was definitely something a mushroom lover would enjoy.

Sol’s Antipasto
 The antipasto consisted of goat cheese, cold cuts, eggplant caviar, and some grilled veggies. This was from the “Feed Ur SoL” menu as well.

Braised Lamb Shank Tagine
 Interestingly, almost all of us at the table went for the lamb shank. It was very soft – the lamb fell off right from the bone and was very moist as well. It came with a pyramid-shaped saffron couscous. There were a bit of dried fruit in there, making both the lamb and couscous a bit sweet. The portion was quite large and I was super full after it.

Rack of Lamb
 This was from the “Feed Ur SoL” menu – the lamb racks were seasoned with rosemary and was a pretty good portion. CL seemed to enjoy the dish.

Brome Lake Duck Confit & Pan Seared Duck Breast
 The duck came with the risotto cake, which I had a taste of. It was mild and creamy at the same time; the crunchy coat gave it a different depth of texture. The duck was also well seasoned, juicy and soft.

Chocolate Brownie
 The chocolate brownie was quite different than what we have expected. It was a thin piece with grand Marnier mousse and caramel sauce. People enjoyed that the fact it wasn’t overly sweet.

Cheese Cake
 The cheese cake was absolutely not what I expected – it was more like cream cheese mousse placed in an almond honey glaze cup with berry compote on the side. The “cheese cake” was rich and smooth. I found it tasted better with the crunchiness from the almond cup. The cup also provided the nutty flavour which to me was an added bonus. The berry compote was quite fresh and I could still taste the raspberry as a whole. It was a nice combination.

 The feedback from the group was very positive and I, too, enjoyed the meal myself. Our server provided great service throughout the night. At one point, I believe the one of the owners also came and checked on how things were. If they keep up with this, I think it will be a very spot especially when the summer arrives.

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