05 February 2013

Street Food City II (Downtown)

Aside from the Dine Out menus at different participating restaurants, there are also different events happening concurrently. Out of all, I was most looking toward to the “Street Food City”. Despite the weather not cooperating well, it didn’t stop people from coming out to this event. 

Street Meet on Urbanspoon

By the time we got there, the crispy risotto balls were already sold out. I heard people asking about it and it seemed to be a very popular item. Hum… maybe next time!

Wild Mushroom Soup
 Despite not having a whole lot of look, this was a very delicious wild mushroom soup. It was thick and burst with the wild mushroom aroma. For people who loves mushroom, I’d highly recommend it. It was also the perfect match with the rainy, cold weather. Simply WOW!

Slow Roasted Pork Sliders
 This was their Dine Out special and you got to choose either 2 or 3 sliders. The slow roasted pork was flavourful and juicy, topped with mildly seasoned coleslaw. It was pretty nice but I thought a bit standard.

Holy Perogy on Urbanspoon 

I was excited to see Holy Perogy (and also just to say the name over and over and over…) so it was just natural that we would order from it.

Cabbage Roll & 4 Perogies
 This was their Dine Out Special and a lot of people seemed to buy into it (including us). The cabbage roll was very well seasoned – somehow it felt like a homey item for me. I bet if there were two rolls of it, I would still finish it without problem. The perogies were the cheddar cheese one. They were topped with pan fried onion and sour cream drizzle. The stuffing was very smooth and filing. I liked how it was pan fried and some parts of the skin were a bit crispy.

 We thought both of them were pretty good choices and I’m just happy that I finally got to check them out. There were other carts we wanted to try but decided to pass because we were kind of full and the wait was a bit crazy. Since the event was until Sunday, we went again the next day and tried two other carts.

Pig on the Street on Urbanspoon

This was one of the ones we wanted to try but didn’t the first time we went. Given that it was still early and quite rainy, there weren’t as many people – the timing was perfect.

You also get to choose a "pig" while you wait and they would call you by the name of the pig. It was so cute that I had to take a picture of it.

 This flatbread sandwich consisted of bacon, arugula, tomato, cheese and avocado. At first I was a bit worried whether avocado would make the whole sandwich too rich. In fact, it was the right balance and made the sandwich quite moist to eat. The bacon was very crispy and had wonderful smoky aroma coming out from it. We were surprised on how much we enjoyed it – very well done. 

PazzaRella Auto Pizzeria Napoletana on Urbanspoon

I passed by PazzaRella once when I was running an errand and have wanted to try it since. It has a stone stove built-in in the cart, which I thought was very unique.

 This appeared to be their signature item – tomato sauce, organic basil, mozzarella cheese, and extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). The ingredients sounded simple but not everyone does it right. For this particular one, I found the fresh aroma from the organic basil was very enjoyable. The acidity from the tomato sauce was nicely balanced with mozzarella cheese and EVOO. The crust was thin and it was quite evenly baked – with a bit of leopard pattern. We liked this quite a bit too.

 It was another very nice meal and we were glad we decided to be back again. I thought the cart selections were quite nice. There were quite a bit of diversity and it was a convenient way to enjoy multiple carts at one location. There are still a couple carts I would like to try – guess we would have to hunt them down on the street. =)

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